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North Shore Leadership

The North Shore Planning Committee (NSPC) members serve and endeavor to strengthen Jewish life on the North Shore and fulfill CJP’s mission. NSPC works to assess the most pressing needs of the North Shore Jewish community and help develop strategies to address those needs and identify, recruit and engage individuals for volunteer and leadership involvement on the North Shore and within the broader CJP community.

North Shore Planning Committee

Ruth Budelmann, Sheryl Lappin Levy, and Phyllis Sagan, Co-chairs

Committee members:

Beth Andler
Karen Bar-Or
Ariel Berger
Jessica Black
Miriam Blue
Amanda Clayman
Jonathan Dubow
Amy Forman

Helaine Hazlett
Melissa Kaplowitch
Jack Karas
Shari McGuirk
Patti McWeeney
Marjorie Patkin
Alan Pierce

Wendy Polins
Robert Powell
Shep Remis
Sharon Rich
Howard Rich
Joan Rosenthal
Julie Sagan
Anne Selby

Joe Selby
Jennifer Seligson
Karen Solomon
Steve Solomon
Jerry Somers
Matthew Swartz
Bert Wolf